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Top 5 Tips Property Owners Can Do to Beautify Their Rental

In The US, there are currently 43,378,800 renter households (or 34% of the population). Given these large numbers, it’s important to maximize your home's potential with regular maintenance and upgrades to attract renters and maximize profits. 

Unlike lengthy renovations, simply replacing old features, to updating the floors, increasing storage, adding amenities and speaking with a professional property manager are simple and easy to do on your own.

Not only will these minor improvements help to beautify the property but it will make it easier to maintain it term-term, appea...

Property Maintenance: What the Best Property Managers Do to Get the Most Money for their Clients

October 26, 2018

Once a tenant signs a lease and moves into a property, it’s easy to picture the property owner relaxing and letting the rent money from their real estate investment roll in. But property management doesn’t end when every property has been filled with responsible tenants. Even if tenants have been screened thoro...

Rent Collection: What The Best Property Managers Do To Get The Most Money For Their Client

October 9, 2018

Maintaining a reliable cash flow is key to obtaining maximum profit for rental property owners and the greatest factor in reliable cash flow is the ability to consistently collect rent on time. Before the first month’s rent is collected from a tenant, the best property managers will have already taken two essential steps towards creating the greatest likelihood that a tenant will pay rent by the due date. These steps are effectively marketing and advertising the ...

Tenant Screening: What The Best Property Managers Do To Get The Most Money For Their Client

September 11, 2018

If a property management company has marketed a property effectively, they will soon have a stack of applications to review and a number of potential tenants. From the list, a professional property manager will begin the tenant screening process to assess the likelihood that a tenant will fulfill the terms of the lease agreement and take care of the rental property. There are four basic questions that need to be answered about a prospective te...

Rental Property Marketing & Listing: What The Best Property Managers Do To Get The Most Money For Their Client

September 6, 2018

There’s more to marketing a rental property than just slapping an address on Craigslist or a similar site. The best property managers always strive to optimize a property’s earning potential, providing property owners the most income from their investment for the least cost. To do that, managers need to attract high-quality tenants, which not only includes creating an appealing and well-crafted listing that will make a good impression to potential renters but also requires analyzing a property’s potential from the very beginning - becoming familiar with the property an...

Do You Want to Sell Your Property Management Business Someday?

August 31, 2018
By Aaron McElhiney, PMI Director of Acquisitions

You will most likely come to a point where you’ll want to sell your property management business, you may be ready to pursue other business opportunities, or it might be the right time for you to retire. How can you make sure you will be able to sell the business for its full value? There are six aspects of your business you will need to have in order to attract the best possible buyer. Paying attention to these areas of your property management business...

Rental Scams: What Property Managers Must Do To Prevent Listing Fraud

By Davis Pratt, PMI Public Relations Specialist

Imagine finding a great rental home for a young family; the location, size, and price range are all ideal for their needs and they even like the layout and color scheme. Everybody is happy until moving day, when you find a different family you’ve never met living in the house you’re about to rent, insisting they have a signed lease agreement and have paid the deposit and first month’s rent to the owner (a property owner you’ve never heard of whose contact info is different from the owner who hired you). Now, instead of making sure a simple move goes off...

Public Relations for Property Managers: Building Your Reputation with a Press Release

By Davis Pratt, PMI Public Relations Specialist

Public relations is all about engaging with the people in your community to build positive relationships and create a fanbase for your business. With strong beneficial interaction, even with people who may not be currently interested in the services or products you provide, you can raise awareness of your business and establish yourself as an expert. A track record of audience engagement and greater community awareness helps generate leads, which for property managers not only means property owners with property they’d like managed but also tenants to reside in your prop...

Property Managers Help Tenants Repair and Build Credit Scores with Credit Reporting

By Jim Dangerfield, PMI General Support

When you find the perfect home, car, or other investment or purchase, there is nothing more disappointing than getting a big DECLINED when you attempt to arrange financing. What happened? You thought your credit was doing okay, but then you go to, your score is in the low 500s.

Typically, any credit score below 600 is an automatic rejection from any financing partner or property manager. Are you doomed to reside in the low 500s for life, unable to get the financing you need to im...


May 15, 2018
By Doug Heath, PMI Social Media Coordinator

“... has left a review on your business page.”

When you get the notification, your heart begins to race. It’s possible that you’re about to read a glowing recap of the excellent service you’ve given, but the message could also be a cold-hearted blow to the reputation you’ve been trying to build.

As a professional social media coordinator for property managers, I have seen and responded to countless reviews, both positive and negative. I also consult with property managers on review response strategy and have had many...

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